Tết Tân Mão 2011: Rok Kota - Wietnamski Nowy Rok

4 lutego 2011, piątek, od 20:00

Ale Sajgon!, Saturator

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LOESJE - creative text writing workshops in Praga Północ district

Warsaw Loesje group invites for open creative text writing workshops in December which are the last to date this year. They take place on Sunday 5th December in Ale Sajgon! club-café located in Praga Północ district (21 Wileńska Street). Workshop groups work in Polish or in English.

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3rd Film Festival "Cinema in Five Flavours"
Kino w pięciu smakach

3rd Film Festival "Cinema in Five Flavours" organized by Arteria Art Foundation was held in Warsaw from 22nd to 27th of October 2009.

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"Cinema in Five Flavours"
Cinema in Five Flavours A new Arteria's project will discover exotic and interesting Vietnamse cinema, which is getting more and more attentions in the world. This time we invite you to 1st Vietnamese Films Review - "Cinema in Five Flavours".
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