LOESJE - creative text writing workshops in Praga Północ district

5th of December, 2010, Sunday, from 5:00 pm


21 Wileńska St

Warsaw Loesje group invites for open creative text writing workshops in December which are the last to date this year. They take place on Sunday 5th December in Ale Sajgon! club-café located in Praga Północ district (21 Wileńska Street). Workshop groups work in Polish or in English.

All over the world, local Loesje groups promote freedom of speech and freedom of expression, along with actions in public space and creativity.

Loesje was born in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on November 24th, 1983 at 6:40 pm. The idea was created by a group of friends who wanted to take part in the discussion on current political and social situation in the Netherlands but in a different way than in the media - by using black and white posters with short slogans, inspiring critical reflection, they aimed to avoid mordant criticism.

By over 25 years several dozen local Loesje groups of various profiles were created in many countries building up a network in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Some groups are more involved in political and social matters while others - in culture and art. However, activities by Loesje groups aim to stimulate reflection as well as creative and constructive thinking and make people realise possibilities of influencing on their closest surrounding.

One of the basic Loesje activities is creative text writing workshops which promote freedom of expression, creativity and social activism. They consist of warm-up part (playing with language associations, writing short texts), basic part (during which short, very characteristic for Loesje, texts-slogans are created and the most interesting are chosen) as well as discussion on the chosen texts and working on layouting of the most interesting slogans.

Workshops are divided into two groups - one works in Polish and the other in English. Language fluency is not necessary to participate in workshops and anyone over 12-13 years old could take part in them. One workshop group is maximum 15 people.

Workshops last about 2,5-3 hours.

All necessary materials are provided.

Admission free.


Registering is not obligatory.

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Project by Fundacja Sztuki Arteria. Project implemented thanks to financial support of Warsaw Municipality.

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